Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's not anything to do with us, silly...

The majority of the British public doesn't believe that climate change is caused by humans - and many others think scientists are exaggerating the problem.

Yet a report last year by more than 2,500 scientists for the UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change found a 90 per cent chance that humans were the main cause of climate change. Drastic action, they said, was needed to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

'The scientific evidence for climate change is clear and it is down to human activities. It is already affecting people's lives - and the impact will be much greater if we don't act now.' So says the Department for the Environment. But what would they know?
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Sandra Williams said...


I am in love with Exodus and I JUST finished reading Zenith I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!

They are the best books ever!!!(exclamation point times one million)


That's brilliant that you liked the books so much. What a lovely comment. And a great boost as I race to put the final important pieces of a huge jigsaw together. It's been a bit of a lonely marathon out here in 2115... I feel as if I'm walking around with an epic cast of characters living in my head.

All I can tell you, without spoiling the story, is - well, LOTS happens.

I will put an exclusive excerpt up in a few months, I hope, so please hold on!

And now I'll get back to it.

Thanks again, Sandra. x

Welcome to EARTHSPACE...

EARTHSPACE is the best way I could think of to respond to the many, many questions from (mostly) young people who have read my epic story of a drowned world - EXODUS, ZENITH with AURORA to follow - and are left wondering about the future.

'I've read your books,' the emails and letters say, 'and I can't get the story out of my head. What can I do about the future?'

EARTHSPACE is for you.