Friday, May 23, 2008

Our 11th Hour?

The 11th Hour is an inspirational film from Titanic star Leonardo di Caprio, to be shown on the UK's Channel 4 this Sunday (25th May, 7.25pm).

It's a must watch; not just Doom & Gloom, the over-arching message is this:


Here is the trailer (Linkin Park's magnificent What I've Done is the soundtrack.)

Join in 11th Hour Action here and here.

Watch it. Be very scared. But most of all, be inspired.


patrick said...

11th Hour does an admirable job tracing back our environmental woes to our individual habits; it makes me wonder if making this movie inspired Leo to live an environmentally aware lifestyle


I read an interview with him a little while ago where he said his growing awareness of environmental issues made him try to make quite radical changes in the way he lived - but he wasn't perfect.

Which is fair enough...

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